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Hospital Construction and Arrival Information

Helpful resources to ensure the best possible experience as you visit

Front Door Greeters

The main entrance at University Hospital (Northgate), as well as West Complex (Jefferson Park Avenue entrance), West Complex (Hospital Drive entrance), 1222 Jefferson Park Avenue, Emily Couric Clinical Cancer Center and 415 Ray C. Hunt Drive are staffed with front door greeters to provide patients with wheelchairs and assist with other needs.

Hospital Expansion

Over the past several years, we’ve expanded University Hospital with 72 new inpatient rooms and completed the Emily Couric Clinical Cancer Center. We recently expanded the University Hospital lobby and built a new climate-controlled pedestrian bridge between the Lee Street Garage and University Hospital. The Battle Building at UVA Children's Hospital is scheduled to open in summer 2014. These changes will help provide our patients with the experience they expect and deserve and support our employees in delivering exceptional care.

Entering the 11th Street Garage 

Beginning June 28, 2013, you will only be able to enter the 11th Street Garage from 11th Street. The entrance by the 1222 Jefferson Park Avenue Medical Office Building will become exit-only, although you will still be able to drop patients off at the covered drop-off area.

We’ll be working to ensure that your visit is as easy as possible, and appreciate your patience as we grow and improve. Use the links below for information on arriving, parking and leaving the University Hospital.