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The People Behind Remote Area Medical: Betty Jenkins, RN

On July 24, 2011 | At 12:19 pm

240 UVA employees, nursing and medical students are volunteering at the Remote Area Medical clinic in Wise, Va., this week. We’re talking to some of them and sharing their stories. Betty Jenkins is a registered nurse in the operating room at Culpeper Regional Hospital, UVA’s partner hospital.

What have you been doing today?

I’ve worked in the dental area taking care of patients. I make sure that their blood pressures and blood sugars are in a good range before they have oral surgery, mostly extractions.

What treatments can dental patients get at RAM?

Many patients are getting cleanings and fillings or restorations. This area is extractions and oral surgery.

I think the patients have gotten really good care, even though the event is all run by volunteers. Every practitioner that’s here really wants to be here, and I think they get a lot of fulfillment out of it. They strive to give really good care.

Do you have any patient stories you can share?

I was really touched by this lady who took the time to tell me how much she appreciated this service and the volunteers. She wasn’t the only person, but she took her time to stop in the midst of things and say how much she appreciated it. It was very touching.

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