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Club Red Recipes: Breakfast in a Muffin

On February 10, 2012 | At 8:44 am

For Heart Month, we’re trying out Club Red recipes at home and sharing the results with you.

Breakfast in a Muffin

Breakfast in a Muffin

I was a little unsure about this, particularly the imitation bacon bits. But my first muffin, hot out of the oven, was warm, savory and filling.

I left them sitting on top of the stove and a few minutes later, heard a suspicious thump: my cat had discovered the muffins and was devouring one on the kitchen floor.

That still left 10 muffins, which I put in a sealed container and refrigerated. The next morning, the muffins were still tasty but dryer. This might be because I deviated from the recipe a bit: instead of coating the muffin pan with cooking spray, I used cupcake liners. Maybe the cooking spray would have added some moisture.

Still, I needed more opinions. I gave a muffin each to two friends. The first one said, after his first bite, that it was, “not my cup of tea,” but after a few more bites, he decided he liked it and would like it even more if it was still warm. He also said he had expected something sweet so that tainted his first bite.

My second friend made a face and declared, “This needs more salt!” I actually thought the muffins were almost too salty. I’m also not sure more salt would’ve redeemed them for my friend, who stopped eating after her second bite.

Two out of three adults and one cat liked breakfast in a muffin. I’m recommending this recipe, but try the cooking spray and eat them hot out of the oven.

Stars: 3 out of 5

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