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UVA Hope (Community) Cancer Care Culpeper

UVA Hope (Community) Cancer Care Culpeper

UVA Culpeper Hospital

545 Sunset Lane
Culpeper, VA 22701

540.829.4352 ph. | 540.829.4260 fx.

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Patient Information

Hours of Operation

  • Monday - Friday | 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Our Team

In addition to our doctors, our care team includes oncology-certified nurses, support nurses and phlebotomists.

UVA Hope (Community) Cancer Care Culpeper specializes in the diagnosis, treatment and long-term care of adult patients with cancer and blood disorders (medical oncology and hematology).

Convenient Care at Home and at UVA When You Need It

Hope gives patients treatment options:

  • Quality cancer treatment close to home at Culpeper Regional Hospital
  • Easier access to the technology, clinical trials and advanced capabilities of UVA when needed

Our highly skilled doctors explore all treatment options in a fully integrated, patient-focused approach. Hope combines the latest medical, surgical and radiological therapies with supportive therapies, massage, nutrition, mind-body medicine, naturopathy and spiritual wellness.

From Warrenton/Northern Virginia: Follow Route 29 South to Culpeper Exit (29 Business). Turn right off the exit onto Sunset Lane at Rappahannock Electric/Rite Aid intersection. Hospital entrance is 1/4 mile on right.

From Orange: Route 15 North to Culpeper. Turn left onto Sunset Lane 1/4 mile after Route 29 overpass. Hospital entrance 1 mile on left.

From Fredericksburg: Route 3 West to Culpeper. Turn left onto Route 15 South at light. Turn right onto Sunset Lane, 2 miles past light. Hospital entrance 1 mile on left.

From Charlottesville: Take Route 29 North to first Culpeper Exit (29 Business). Turn right off the exit and go to first light, turn right onto Sunset Lane. Hospital entrance 1/4 mile on right.


James Boyer James Boyer


Emanuel Cirenza Emanuel Cirenza


Stefan Gorsch Stefan Gorsch


Pranav Patel Pranav Patel


Nurse Practitioners

Michelle Otto Michelle Otto

Department of Medicine

What to Expect When You Arrive

When you arrive for your appointment, the receptionist will verify all of your information and scan your insurance information and driver’s license (picture ID) into the electronic medical system.
You’ll be asked to take a seat in the lobby or you’ll be directed to another location in the office.

If you ever wait more than 15 minutes in the lobby, check back with the receptionist. We try to adhere to scheduled visit times, but patient emergencies may delay the doctor's schedule. We apologize if this does happen and want you to know we respect your time and value you as our patient.

Patient Phone Calls

Your doctor’s nurse returns phone calls on the same day, in between patient appointments. If your call is urgent, please let the receptionist know this when you call. Your nurse will tell your doctor about any problems. If you want to speak to your doctor, tell your nurse.

Test Results

We’ll call you about lab and X-ray results or tell you during your appointment. Most other tests results, like PET scans, bone scans or MRIs, usually take two to three days. Call our office if you don’t get a result within four days.


Chemotherapy and other systemic agents, such as endocrine or targeted medications, may be used to treat cancer. Other specialized drugs or therapies may be administered to treat (or prevent) other conditions, such as osteoporosis, anemia, blood disorders and high-risk pregnancies.

These therapies may be administered intravenously (directly into the bloodstream with an IV), orally or by injection. Schedules and durations of treatment vary by the condition, and from patient to patient. Your doctor and treatment team will give you information on your specific regimen, its side effects and expectations for success.

Return Appointments

At the end of each visit, your provider will determine when you need to return. This helps you make your next appointment before you leave the office. If you have been in the hospital, ask your doctor when you need a follow-up visit and then call the office to make an appointment.

Canceled and Missed Appointments

As a courtesy, you will receive a phone call reminder within a business day before to your appointment. Anyone can have an emergency that may make you postpone an appointment. However, because our appointment schedules are generally full, call in advance (24 hours if possible) so we can allow another patient to take your appointment space. You can make a new appointment during the same call.

After Hours

On-call doctor: 434.654.7866 or 866.575.HOPE.

We encourage you to call our answering service with medical concerns after hours and on weekends. One of our staff doctors is available 24/7.

Useful information to have available when you call includes:

  • Your doctor’s name
  • Condition for which you are being treated
  • Medications you are taking, including chemotherapy
  • Explanation of symptoms and concerns

Try to keep all of your prescription renewals up to date because it’s often difficult (or impossible, with controlled drugs) for the on-call doctor to call in a medication. These prescriptions need to be handwritten and picked up and taken to a pharmacy.