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Melanoma and Skin Cancer

Treatment for melanoma, as well as cutaneous T-cell lymphoma, intraocular cancer, Kaposi's sarcoma, Merkel cell carcinoma and skin cancer.

World Renowned Innovation

We’re a world leader in the development and testing of vaccines for the treatment and prevention of melanoma.

Patients at UVA can participate in innovative clinical trials testing these vaccines through our Human Immune Therapy Center. The center studies how to help the body's immune system kill cancer. It also provides national leadership in testing new therapies and bringing them into practice.

Surgical Treatments

Our Mohs micrographic surgeons use microscopes to help them remove skin cancers that are difficult to treat because of recurrence, location, tissue character or size.

Mohs surgery is a very precise technique in which small layers of skin are removed and tested until the cancer is fully removed.

Facial Cosmetic and Reconstructive Surgery

We also offer cosmetic surgery repair after the removal of skin cancer.

Patient Story

Rob Padgett Patient Story

More About Mohs

Learn more with our Mohs surgery brochure (PDF)

Care for Your Child

If your child has to see a cancer specialist, it's important that they visit a doctor who understands the needs of kids. 

At UVA, our doctors are experts in the special kind of care children need. 

Learn more.

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