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Heart and Vascular Center Doctors

Listing of Heart and Vascular Center Doctors

Our doctors do more than practice medicine. Because we're an academic medical center, our doctors also teach students and conduct research. Research that will improve patients' health now and in the future.

Many of our heart doctors are nationally recognized in their field. They not only know about the latest research and treatments in heart disease. They’re often the pioneers in the field.

A Team Working With You

Our team-based approach to health care gives you access to cardiologists, surgeons and radiologists. You’ll also receive care from nurses, exercise physiologists and nutritionists. Our entire heart team will work with you to manage your heart disease and improve your heart health.

Max Luna
Cardiovascular Medicine
Rohit Malhotra
Cardiovascular Medicine
Mike Mangrum
Cardiovascular Medicine
Pamela Mason
Cardiovascular Medicine
G. Paul Matherne
Pediatric Cardiology, Adult Congenital Clinic
Alan Matsumoto
Radiology and Medical Imaging
Nancy McDaniel
Pediatric Cardiology
George McDaniel
Pediatric Cardiology, Electrophysiology
Coleen McNamara
Cardiovascular Medicine
Randall Moorman
Cardiovascular Medicine
Auh Whan Park
Interventional Radiology
Brandy Patterson
Cardiovascular Medicine
Michael Ragosta
Cardiovascular Medicine
Christopher Rembold
Cardiovascular Medicine
Karen Rheuban
Pediatric Cardiology
Zia Roshandel
Cardiovascular Medicine
Ann Rossi
Acute Care Nurse Practitioner
Saher Sabri
Interventional Radiology, Angiography
Michael Salerno
Cardiovascular Medicine
Worthington Schenk
General Surgery