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Conditions & Treatments

Listing of conditions and treatments for the Heart Center

Adult Congenital (Structural) Heart Disease

Treatment for adults with congenital heart defects

Cardiac Valve Center

Open heart surgery and minimally invasive treatments, including valve repair and replacement

Coronary Artery Disease

Treatment for chest pain, heart attack and hardening of the arteries, including angioplasty, balloons and stents, cardiac catheterization and bypass, as well as treatment for complex coronary diseases like chronic total occlusion (CTO).

Heart Disease and Diabetes

Treatment for those with both diseases, as well as preventive care

Heart Failure and Transplant

Specialized treatment, including medications, lifestyle changes, device implants, pacemakers and surgery

Heart Rhythm Disorders

Treatment of rhythm disorders, or "electrical" problems of the heart, including ablation, pacemakers and atrial fibrillation


Care for your arteries and veins

Other Conditions and Treatments Include:

Atrial Fibrillation Center

Afib ad

Care for Your Child

If your child has to see a heart specialist, it’s important they visit a doctor who understands the needs of kids. 

At UVA, our doctors are experts in the special kind of care children need.

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