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Vascular disease is complex and requires a wide range of expertise and dependable experience. Get vascular care at UVA.

Our doctors are among the best in the country. Why is that important for you? Because vascular disease is complex and requires a wide range of expertise and dependable experience. Each year, our vascular doctors perform:

  • 4,500 vascular studies
  • 900 major vascular operations
  • 1,600 diagnostic angiograms
  • 2,000 interventional procedures, like angioplasty, vascular stent and aortic stent-graft placement and embolizations.

Aortic Disease

We provide more services than any hospital in the region to treat conditions that affect the aorta, the largest artery in the body.

Artery Disease

We have nationally recognized expertise in the repair of blocked or torn arteries (the blood vessels that transport blood away from the heart to the rest of the body).


We offer advanced radiology suites and national experts provide critical treatment for weak blood vessel walls.

Compression Disorders

We offer a full range of surgical approaches for blood vessels and nerves constricted by other parts of the body. Conditions we treat include thoracic outlet syndrome, median arcuate ligament syndrome, May-Thurner syndrome, popliteal entrapment and adventitial cystic disease.

Our treatments include building tissue slings, bypass grafts, removing blood clots and repositioning arteries and stenting. All of our treatments aim to be as minimally invasive as possible, relying on the research and experience of the region's top doctors.

Vein Diseases

The latest techniques for varicose veins, deep vein thrombosis and other conditions that affect the veins (the blood vessels that transport blood from the arms and legs back to the heart).

Our specialists also offer a variety of treatments for vascular malformations, lymphedema and venous insufficiency. Treatments options include ablation, bypass, laser therapy for birthmarks, thrombectomy, vein stripping and vein valve repair — all conveniently located in our Vein Clinic at Northridge Medical Park.

Sports-Related Vascular Disorders

At UVA, we provide specialized treatment for high-performance athletes with conditions caused by repetitive movement and a lot of exercise, including external iliac arteriopathy and effort vein thrombosis. We treat more high-performance bicyclists than any other hospital in the region and offer very specialized treatments, including anticlotting, thrombolysis and surgery.

Free Vascular Lecture

Learn how to manage your risk for common vascular conditions like heart attack, stroke, peripheral artery disease (PAD) and varicose veins.

When: Thursday, Sept. 25, 6–7:30 p.m.

Where: Omni Charlottesville Hotel

Free parking and light refreshments.

Register now.

Vascular Screenings

Are You Eligible? 

Just because you don't have symptoms of vascular disease doesn't mean you aren't at risk. We offer screenings every week at Northridge Medical Park.

Eligible patients include:

  • Age 65 or older
  • Age 50 or older with cardiovascular risk factors
  • Adults 45 years or older and an abnormal finding would prompt modification of your lifestyle or medical care
  • Family history of abdominal aortic aneurysm 

Insurance doesn't cover screenings if you aren't experiencing symptoms. The out-of-pocket cost is $99 for all tests.

Find out more (PDF) or call 434.924.5824.

Care for Your Child

If your child has to see a heart specialist, it’s important they visit a doctor who understands the needs of kids. 

At UVA, our doctors are experts in the special kind of care children need.

Learn more