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Our Doctors

An overview of the doctors who work in UVA's High Risk Breast and Ovarian Cancer Program.

At UVA, you’ll find specially trained surgeons, talented nurses, respected health educators, advanced treatment specialists, professional genetic counselors and seasoned medical support educators and social workers.

But the real strength of our program is our interdisciplinary approach. Our professionals work together to discuss cases, bringing multiple years of experience to cases like those of women who may be at high risk for breast or ovarian cancer.

This means you receive the benefit of decades of experience and training from many different specialties to help design a treatment plan just for you.

Susan Modesitt

Gynecologic Oncology

Vanessa Gregg

General Obstetrics and Gynecology

David Brenin

Surgical Oncology

Nachama Sternlicht Haas

Surgical Oncology

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