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Kidney Center: Leading-Edge Expertise and Care

An estimated 20 million to 40 million Americans have some form of chronic kidney disease.

Patients with chronic kidney disease due to causes such as diabetes mellitus, hypertension or polycystic kidney disease benefit from the comprehensive, convenient care at UVA’s Kidney Center.

UVA Nephrologists: Experience and Expertise

Three UVA nephrologists (kidney specialists) – Mark Okusa, MD, W. Kline Bolton, MD and Mitchell Rosner, MD – have been chosen as among the Best Doctors in America®.

UVA nephrologists are also national leaders in setting guidelines for treating kidney disease. Bolton chaired a national committee that set guidelines on the appropriate preparation for renal replacement, while Okusa chairs an advisory committee on acute kidney injury for the American Society of Nephrology.

“We have some of the leading experts in the country, and we cover a broad spectrum of disease,” says Okusa.

Complete Services

At UVA, we provide care for all stages of kidney disease. We work to prevent the progression of the disease in patients. We also provide dialysis services and transplantation if needed.

UVA’s doctors also work closely with other specialists to treat or prevent complications from kidney disease. For instance, Rosner says, polycystic kidney disease can affect the liver, heart and gastrointestinal tract. UVA has specialists that can treat these complications.

Convenient Treatment

All Kidney Center services – doctors, social workers, ultrasound, clinics and clinical trials – are located on the same floor of the West Complex at the UVA.

“We’ve centralized care so that patients don’t have to go so many times to so many different places,” Bolton says.

Satellite locations also make it easier to get treatment. We operate a kidney clinic and dialysis center at Augusta Medical Center as well as dialysis centers at Zion Crossroads, Orange, Stanley, Amherst, Lynchburg and Altavista.