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Conditions & Treatments

The treatments available at our Aesthetic Center cover a wide range of cosmetic surgery options, including facelifts, ear and nose reshapings, chemical peels, breast augmentation/reduction and liposuction.

Cosmetic Surgery

The treatments available at our Aesthetic Center cover a wide range of cosmetic surgery options, including facelifts, ear and nose reshapings, chemical peels, breast augmentation/reduction and liposuction.

We also offer some the latest laser technology to improve your body's look and feel:

  • Laser treatment that removes unwanted hair in a way that's faster and less painful than electrolysis.
  • A state-of-the-art laser tool that uses beams of light to erase spider veins.
  • Laser skin resurfacing, where surgeons can minimize your fine facial lines as well as treat facial scars and uneven pigmentation.

Other aesthetic treatments we provide include eyelid surgery and brow lifts, facial implants, microdermabrasion, laser vein removal and abdominal surgery (tummy tucks).

Facial and Skin Care Products

To help you look and feel your best, we offer a three-step facial to smooth away fine lines, improve skin tone and elasticity and help eliminate dryness, skin discoloration and blemishes.

Following an initial evaluation by one of our plastic surgeons, you'll receive a deep cleansing facial or micropeel to open your pores. This is followed by a steam treatment and finally, by the cosmetic facial. The cosmetic facial involves the face, neck and upper chest and uses Gly Derm, a product that contains an alphahydroxy acid called glycolic acid combined with fruit alcohols. For the best outcome, we recommend that the cosmetic facial be performed every week for 6 weeks. We also carry several skin-care products from Gly Derm for use at home to maximize the benefits of the facials.

Wound and Burn Treatment

One of the most important aspects of plastic surgery is the treatment of wounds. Not just in the medical sense, but also in terms of how wounds look after they are healed.

The goal of the Chronic Wound Care Clinic (CWCC) is to coordinate all aspects of patient evaluations within a single clinic. To do this, the CWCC has a multidisciplinary team of plastic surgeons, wound-care specialists, nutritionists, physical and occupational therapists and specialists in rehabilitative medicine, prosthetic and orthotic services and home health services.

We also consult frequently with many other departments at UVA and use the newest technology and scientific advances to enhance the care provided to our patients. These advances include digital photography to monitor the size and status of each wound, growth-factor therapy to stimulate healing, skin oxygen level measurement to assess the health of the skin and underlying tissue and hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

Preventive Foot Care Clinic

This clinic provides care for foot wounds and toenails and advice on proper footwear, and focuses on prevention in patients at risk for developing foot wounds.

Craniofacial Clinic

This clinic offers patients optimal care by consulting with the Departments of Neurosurgery, Pediatrics, Otolaryngology, Ophthalmology, Radiology and Anesthesiology, as well as with genetics and speech pathology specialists. To further enhance our patient care, we have developed a new cleft palate speech lab, new and improved imaging of the skull for surgery planning and post-surgery assessment and new techniques to assess the outcome of our treatments.

Hand Surgery

We treat and manage complex and routine problems involving the upper extremities through UVA's Hand Center, a collaboration between our plastic surgeons and orthopaedic surgeons. The Hand Center treats disorders of the hand, wrist and elbow and hand and finger injuries, as well as a wide variety of other disorders, including carpal tunnel syndrome and congenital hand deformities.

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

This clinic offers a full range of oral and maxillofacial surgical services. Dentoalveolar surgery (wisdom teeth, preprosthetic and implant surgery) is performed using the latest techniques in sedation and pain control. Other surgical services provided include treatment of congenital and developmental jaw anomalies, jaw reconstruction, facial trauma, oral and jaw tumors, corrective and cosmetic jaw surgery and other related concerns. 

Other Conditions We Treat Include:

Other Treatments We Provide Include:

Care for Your Child

If your child has to see a plastic surgeon, it’s important that you visit a doctor who understands the needs of kids.

At UVA, our doctors are experts in the special kind of care children need.

Learn more.