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Our Team

Overview of the UVA Transitional Care Hospital's care team.

TCH Clinical Staff Executive Committee

Sharon Esau, MD, President-Elect, Facility/Pulmonary Medical Director (Pulmonologist)

George Hoke, MD, Chair, Quality Committee (Hospitalist)

Uta Erdbruegger, MD, Chair, Ethics (Nephrologist)

A hospitalist model of care ensures consistency of care delivery. A single physician, or hospitalist, cares for and coordinates the care of each patient, leading an interdisciplinary team of on-site medical professionals, including registered nurses, respiratory therapists, speech and language pathologists, physical therapists and others.

Our services are centered on the patient, actively involving them – and their family – in their care by encouraging an open line of communication with the care team at all times. Nursing staff conduct shift reports at the patient’s bedside allowing them the opportunity to hear status updates and ask questions. Daily rounds make doctors and others on the care team readily available and help us establish an informed regimen of care for each patient.

Dedication and experience are among the many positive traits of our multidisciplinary team. They understand the emotional impact of extended hospitalization, and they are skilled at providing the advanced level of care required for this environment. Because of the patient’s extended stay, our staff has the ability to focus on the whole person, developing relationships with them as individuals.