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How to refer patients to UVA's Transitional Care Hospital.

Better Options for Referring Facilities

When you refer a patient to UVA’s Transitional Care Hospital, you can do so with confidence. UVA has a reputation for clinical excellence, and the addition of long-term acute care services only extends our reach, furthering our ability to provide the best care we can to all patients.

We strive to make the referral process as simple as possible. We have a dedicated referral line (434.924.TCH5 or 434.924.8245), and each admission is reviewed and screened by a case management team. This process helps hospital discharge planners determine the best solution for patients – even those who are difficult to place. In addition, referral sources are made aware of a patient’s status and outcome so that they may retain their relationship with the patient. 

At a facility like ours, one that is dedicated to long-term acute care, there are fewer limitations in treating complex patients. We can provide patients with the attention and specialized services (i.e. vent weaning, wound management) that may be difficult to sustain long-term in a standard ICU setting. In addition, allowing us to care for these patients gives referring facilities an option that is not only better for the patient but is also better fiscally for their organization.  

TCH Facility and Services