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Transitional Care Hospital

Long-term Acute Care: A Steppingstone on the Path to Recovery

The UVA Transitional Care Hospital is the first long-term acute care hospitals (LTACH) in the Charlottesville area. We specialize in treating individuals with serious medical conditions that require a longer length of stay (25-28 days on average) than is standard at a typical acute care hospital.

Most patients in our facility include those who need weaning from ventilators, have complex wounds or have multiple complex medical issues that require daily nursing, therapy, nutritional and physician care. They are medically stable but are too ill to be discharged home, to a nursing facility or an acute care rehabilitation facility.

Being part of the UVA Health System allows us to provide these patients full access to a wide range of clinical specialties, the latest technology, expertise and services. 

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Why Transitional Care?

Transitional Care Hospital

The benefits of UVA’s Transitional Care Hospital are realized not only by the patient and their family, but also by the practitioners who deliver care and the facilities that refer here.

Better Care for Complex Patients

From the earliest phases of developing this Transitional Care Hospital, careful consideration was given to the types of illnesses and conditions that would lead patients to our door. Thus, we are well-equipped with the tools we need to treat a variety of patients on site, including bariatric patients and those who require regular dialysis.

Graduation Day

As soon as patients arrive at the Transitional Care Hospital, we work with them to establish a plan for their Graduation Day. This is the day when they are discharged to go home or successfully transition to another level of care. The UVA team works closely with patients and their loved ones to ensure patients' discharge needs are identified and met. We also work with local vendors, service providers and community resources to meet patients' needs after graduation.

Imaging Center

UVA Imaging has an outpatient imaging center on the first floor of the hospital that provides imaging studies for the outpatient community as well as Transitional Care Hospital patients. The center offers CT scans, ultrasounds, X-rays and MRIs, including those performed on a new large-bore MRI machine.   

Our Facility

UVA’s Transitional Care Hospital is a freestanding facility located in Northridge Medical Park off Ivy Road in Charlottesville, Va., in close proximity to UVA Health System’s main campus. Patients and their families will appreciate the convenience of having free parking right outside the facility as well as the modern comforts and aesthetics that come with a new building.

The Best Choice

At UVA, and within each of our hospitals and clinics, patients will find caregivers and staff who are dedicated to providing the best environment possible for their treatment and overall wellbeing. For those patients who require long term acute care, our Transitional Care Hospital provides an alternative to extended stays in a hospital’s intensive care unit, which can be taxing for the patient, the family and for the facility. In our transitional care environment – specially tailored to meet the needs of this patient population – we can consistently offer top-quality healthcare, as well as respect and consideration to all who entrust us with their care.

R. Edward Howell, Vice President and CEO of the University of Virginia Medical Center