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Liver Transplant

Information about liver transplants at UVA Health System. Our liver transplant recipients include patients from all over Virginia, out-of-state patients with particularly challenging cases and international patients.

See the Difference Our Experience Makes

At UVA, we’ve performed more than 1,000 liver transplants since our program started in 1989. We were the first Medicare-approved liver transplant center in Virginia. We're also an international referral center. Our liver transplant recipients include patients from all over Virginia, out-of-state patients with particularly challenging cases and international patients. 

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Our approach to the care of patients who are awaiting liver transplant includes aggressive medical management, state-of-the-art imaging and innovative drug therapy, all of which can dramatically improve survival after transplant.

Research and Continuous Improvement

Our hepatitis research programs are among the most comprehensive in the nation and have received international recognition as well. They include studies of Hepatitis B and C and ways to prevent and treat these conditions in transplant patients. We have been involved in the study of patients undergoing living donor liver transplant and transplants in patients who are HIV positive in addition to their primary liver disease.

Pediatric Transplants

Pediatric support services include social work, pastoral care and nutrition in addition to the medical team. This team approach ensures each child receives optimal therapy during this highly complex process, and the specialists involved in the care of these children work closely to ensure the child and the family are fully prepared for the transplant experience.

Keys to Success

You’ll have a team of doctors, transplant coordinators, social workers, financial counselors and more working to ensure you receive the best care possible. We’ll work with your referring and primary doctor, who is an important member of your transplant team.

Liver Transplant Patient Survival Rates

This graph shows the percentage of patients surviving for a year after a liver transplant at UVA.

Liver transplant adult survival rates

Liver Transplant Organ Survival Rates

This graph represents the percentage of livers not rejected by the recipient.

Liver Graft Transplant Rates Graph

Get more data: Take a look at liver transplant info throughout the U.S.

Our Approach

You'll meet with one of our transplant hepatologists, as well as a transplant coordinator, social worker and others. Find out more about our approach.

Learn more about the liver transplant program's successes.

A Note to All Patients
The United Network for Organ Sharing provides a toll free patient services line to help transplant candidates, recipients and family members understand organ allocation practices and transplantation data. You may also call this number to discuss a problem you may be experiencing with your transplant center or the transplantation system in general. The toll free patient services line is 888.894.6361.

National Award

Our liver transplant program is the only one in Virginia to receive an award from the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA).

The bronze level award measures survival rates, transplant rates and mortality rates.

Awards were given to fewer than 25 percent of transplant programs nationwide.

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