Be Safe

Be Safe emphasizes real-time, root cause problem-solving; the use of standard work to drive learning and improvement; and rapid escalation of safety issues within a tiered leadership chain.  

Be Safe Goals

This collective, system-wide focus on safety allows us to:

  • Deliver the best and safest care possible.
  • Develop and consistently adhere to “best practices.” For example, finding the safest way to complete a task, such as inserting a urinary catheter, and following those steps every single time.
  • Make best practices our “standard work.” This means making the best way to complete a task the way we automatically do it every time.
  • Call out and respond to safety concerns the moment any team member becomes aware of them.
  • Rapidly escalate problems to leadership, when needed.
  • Address the root cause of problems. No “work-arounds.” 

Be Safe Priorities

As part of Be Safe, we are closely monitoring and working to improve the following measures: