Culture of Patient Safety Survey

For hospitals to deliver the best and safest care, it’s important that caregivers and staff are willing to speak up when they see UVA health's flaws and weaknesses, so these issues can be addressed.

At UVA, we encourage our caregivers and staff to call out safety concerns the moment they see them and work together to address the root causes of problems and learn from mistakes. We’ve also implemented policies so that concerns are rapidly escalated to executive leadership, when necessary.

In 2008, our caregivers began taking the Hospital Survey on Patient Safety Culture created by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality. It asks caregivers and staff how well a hospital’s working environment supports them in:

  • Keeping patients safe
  • Using teamwork
  • Continuous improvement

Research shows healthcare workplaces that support team members in these ways deliver safer care with fewer errors.

uva patient safety chart

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Positive responses in specific patient safety culture categories, as measured by the Hospital Survey on Patient Safety Culture, taken every other year by UVA Hospital team members. A higher score indicates better performance.

Measured every two years. Data as of Dec. 31, 2016.