We measure mortality in two ways.

First, we track the total number of patients who are admitted to and die at University Hospital.

About 30,000 patients are admitted each year and about 2% of them die while in University Hospital.


UVA Health mortality chart all patients 2018

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The second way we measure mortality is as a risk-adjusted mortality ratio, provided by Vizient, which tracks mortality at hundreds of academic medical centers and hospitals, including UVA.

This ratio compares the number of patients who die with the number of patients who were expected to die because they were so severely ill.

The ratio is the actual number of deaths divided by the number of expected deaths.

A score lower than 1.0 means fewer patients died than expected, and a score greater than 1.0 means more patients died than expected.

The first graph below shows the mortality index for all patients at University Hospital. The second shows the mortality index for adult general medicine patients in the hospital. A lower number is better.

uva mortality index chart

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Mortality Index for Adult General Medicine Patients

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