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Team Member Injuries

UVA is committed to being the safest place for healthcare workers to deliver care.

When our team members are safe and healthy, we can perform at our best and deliver the safest care possible to our patients.

We also take this approach to team member safety because our caregivers and staff are part of the broader community we are dedicated to serving.

Leadership uses real-time, root cause problem-solving each time a team member is injured. This includes reviewing every team member injury when it occurs to uncover the cause and prevent similar injuries in the future. 

Examples of ways we have improved safety include:

  • Repairing sidewalks to prevent trips
  • Reducing the number of glass containers caregivers use to prevent glass cuts
  • Creating “standard work” for using face shields, which protect team members from body fluids

Standard work means making the best way to complete a task the way we do it every time.


Work-related injuries for UVA Hospital team members. A lower number is better.

Measured on a quarterly (three-month) basis. Data as of Sept. 30, 2015.

How We Measure Up

The resources below compare quality indicators at different hospitals across the country.