Adults 18 – 65 years with and without Type 1 diabetes are invited to be in a research study.

IRB/UVA Tracking #
Principal Investigator
Ananda Basu
Ruchi Ruchi
Contact Phone
Official Trial Title
Post-Absorptive Splanchnic Glucagon Metabolism in Humans
Study Description

The Division of Endocrinology seeks adults ages 18 – 65 years with type 1 diabetes for a research study. Healthy non diabetic participants are also being recruited. The purpose of the study is find out how the body processes glucagon, an important hormone that helps regulate blood glucose levels, and whether this differs in those with type 1 diabetes.

Study involves 2-3 study visits: a 4-hour screening visit that includes blood draws and a scan to measure your body composition and an overnight stay at UVA that includes vascular catheters through the groin placed by radiologist, urinary catheters, and blood draws. Participants with diabetes will have an additional visit to receive a continuous glucose monitor (CGM) prior to the overnight. All visits will be completed within a four-week period.

Study-related tests and procedures including overnight stay are provided free of charge.


up to $1200.00