Adults 18 – 65 years with and without Type 1 diabetes are invited to be in a research study

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Principal Investigator
Ananda Basu
Amir Asfa
Contact Phone
Official Trial Title
Postprandial Glucagon Metabolism in Humans with and without Type 1 Diabetes
Study Description

The purpose of the study is to find out how the body processes an important hormone called glucagon that helps to regulate blood sugar levels after a meal, and to learn whether this differs in those with type 1 diabetes.

Study Visits:
• The study involves a 4-hour screening visit that includes a urine sample, blood draws, an EKG and an x-ray scan to measure your body composition to see if you qualify for the main part of the study.
• If you do qualify, non-diabetic participants will have 1 study visit and participants with type 1 diabetes will have 2 study visits each lasting for about 9 hours. All participants will be provided a study meal.
• Participants with type 1 diabetes will get a study drug at one of the 2 study visits and may have an additional short visit (about an hour) to receive a continuous glucose monitor (CGM) a couple days before the visit for the main part of the study.
• All visits will be completed within a four-week period.
• Study-related tests and procedures are provided free of charge.


up to $700 for participants with diabetes, and $350 for participants without diabetes, will be provided for finishing the study.