Adults with metastatic breast cancer invited to be in a research study testing an oncolytic reovirus and an immunotherapy drug in combination with chemotherapy.

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Principal Investigator
Patrick M Dillon
Olena Glushakova
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Official Trial Title
A study to assess overall response rate by inducing an inflammatory phenotype in Metastatic BReast cAnCEr with the Oncolytic Reovirus PeLareorEp in CombinaTion with anti-PD-L1 Avelumab and Paclitaxel – BRACELET-1 Study
Study Description

The University of Virginia is conducting a clinical research study for adults ages 18 and over, who have metastatic breast cancer. This study is being done to investigate if pelareorep, an oncolytic reovirus (given in combination with chemotherapy [paclitaxel], which is usually given for your type of cancer), and an immunotherapy drug, avelumab, are more effective in treating your type of breast cancer than paclitaxel alone or pelareorep and paclitaxel.

Cohort 1: Paclitaxel (PTX)
Cohort 2: PTX + pelareorep
Cohort 3: PTX + pelareorep + avelumab

The treatment period lasts approximately 16 weeks; however, you may continue to receive study treatment past 16 weeks if you are benefiting from and tolerating the treatment. After treatment the treatment period you will be contacted every 4-6 months to see how you are doing.

Study-related procedures that are being done beyond your standard of care will be provided at no cost to your or your insurance.

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