Adults with Multiple Myeloma invited to be in a research study assessing the safety an investigational drug in combination with anti-myeloma regimens

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Laahn H Foster
Erica Stallard
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Official Trial Title
A Phase 1b, Dose Escalation and Expansion Study of Lemzoparlimab (TJ011133) with or without Dexamethasone and in Combination with Anti-Myeloma Regimens for the Treatment of Patients with Relapsed/Refractory Multiple Myeloma/ M20-917
Study Description

The University of Virginia is conducting a clinical research study for adults ages 18 and over, who have multiple myeloma. This is the first study evaluating the safety of lemzoparlimab (TJ011133) with or without dexamethasone and in combination with anti-myeloma regimens pomalidomide, carfilzomib and daratumumab. There will be an escalation part and an expansion part for this study, and four different dosing arms in each part, to test lemzoparlimab (TJ011133) as a single medication and as combination therapy with the anti-myeloma regimens.

If you take part in this trial, you will be assigned to a cohort, or group of subjects, and assigned to a specific dose of lemzoparlimab (TJ011133). You will not get to choose which part of the study you participate in. The total treatment duration is unknown as you will receive the treatment as long as your disease status does not worsen or no other reasons for stopping occur.

Study-related procedures that are being done beyond your standard of care will be provided at no cost to
you or your insurance.

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