Advanced Prostate cancer patients who have had at least 1 curative-intent treatment are needed for a diagnosis research study.

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Principal Investigator
Lale Kostakoglu Shields
Julio Torres III
Contact Phone
Official Trial Title
A prospective, Phase 3, multi-center, single-arm, imaging study investigating the safety and diagnostic performance of rhPSMA-7.3 (18F) PET ligand in men with suspected prostate cancer recurrence based on elevated PSA following prior therapy
Study Description

The UVA Cancer Center is conducting a clinical diagnostic research study for adults ages 18 and over with recurrent prostate cancer. We want to learn more about the use of an experimental radioactive tracer agent in PET imaging to help diagnose and look for the spread of prostate cancer. You may be eligible if you have had previous treatment (either surgery and/or radiotherapy) for prostate cancer and it is now suspected that the prostate cancer may have come back based on levels of prostate specific antigen (PSA) in your blood.

Participation involves a 1-4 week Screening Period, study drug administration and PET scan imaging visit, and a safety visit within 1 to 3 days following study drug administration. During this study, you will need to come on site 3 time for about 4 hours each visit. Within 45 days of completing this study, you will follow a plan to treat your cancer through standard clinical care, as determined by your doctor. Study specific tests will be provided at no cost to you.

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