Expecting or new mothers are invited to be in an at-home research study with their infants

UVA Tracking #
Principal Investigator
Jessica Connelly
Contact Phone
Official Trial Title
The Nature & Nurture Study
Study Description

The Department of Psychology seeks expecting or new mothers of healthy infants aged 5-31 days for a research study. The purpose of the study is to learn how early language exposure and touch may be related to biological changes in mothers and their infants.

Study involves wearing arm and ankle-bands to passively track proximity and vocalizations between mother-infant pairs in their own home, providing weekly saliva samples for DNA analyses, and may involve reading sessions. This is a longitudinal study lasting 12 weeks. All procedures will be conducted by the mother in her own home. There are no lab visits.

Study-related genetic testing provided at no cost.

For more information, contact the study team at boxcarstudy@virginia.edu


$240 or $600, depending on group assignment.