Glove Rehabilitation Application for Stroke Patients (GRASP) Phase II

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Regan H Royer
Jodi Darring
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Glove Rehabilitation Application for Stroke Patients (GRASP) Phase II
Study Description

The University of Virginia’s Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation is currently enrolling people who have suffered a stroke for a research study supported by the National Institutes of Health. The purpose of the research study is to investigate the initial efficacy and safety of a new system for stroke rehabilitation called GRASP. GRASP allows patients to practice activities of daily living using a computer and a specialized glove for therapy. The purpose of the study is to determine if using the GRASP system at home helps stroke patients improve in using their arm and hand.
Participants must have had a right or left hemispheric stroke affecting normal hand function. In the opinion of a study therapist, participant must also be able to independently and safely use the GRASP system at home or have an at-home caregiver who is willing and able to assist
Candidates will participate in an initial phone call or Zoom videoconference meeting to discuss study details and review inclusion criteria. Individuals who are eligible and consent to continue will then be asked to come to the outpatient rehabilitation clinic at the University of Virginia to complete a series of hand function assessments. Some participants will be randomly chosen to use the GRASP system to do therapy at home for 8 weeks. After 8 weeks, all participants will be asked to return to the outpatient rehabilitation clinic at the University of Virginia to re-complete the same hand function assessments. The 2 visits to the University of Virginia which each take approximately 90 minutes.
Risks associated with participation in this study are minor but include potential discomfort or pain in the stroke affected arm due to increased use. Participants may or may not benefit from being in this study. Possible benefits include improved ability to use the stroke affected arm and hand.
This study is actively enrolling participants. To learn more information, please contact: Jodi Darring, 434-982-3673,


Participants completing the study will be compensated $100.