Healthy adults ages 25-50 invited to participate in an ultrasound study

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Principal Investigator
Mark D Okusa
Igor Shumilin
Contact Phone
Official Trial Title
Optimizing ultrasound-induced anti-inflammation in human subjects
Study Description

The UVA Nephrology Clinical Research Center seeks healthy adults aged 25–50 years to participate in a research study. The aim of the study is to investigate the usefulness of ultrasound technology as a way to control inflammation.

The study involves 4¬–5 study visits, ranging from 30¬¬–60 minutes, and will include two treatment sessions with pulsed ultrasound using a routine clinical ultrasound machine. Study visits also include blood draws, urine collection and questionnaires. Free parking will be provided.

Study-related tests will be provided at no cost.


$400 for participants that complete all study procedures.