Healthy individuals (age 18-70) wanted for diet based salt sensitivity study

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Carey Robert, M
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D1 and AT1 Receptor Interaction in Human Hypertension: Sodium Sensitivity of Blood Pressure
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UVA Division of Endocrinology and Metabolism is seeking participants for a diet based salt sensitivity study. The purpose of the study is to see the effect on blood pressure after two consecutive weeks of prepared food with various sodium intakes - one week of low salt and one week of high salt diet. You may be eligible for this study if: you are of Caucasian or African American descent, between the ages of 18-70, have normal blood pressure, and BMI between 18-29.9 Study involves blood draw, EKG, urine sample collection, cheek swab, medical history, and physical exam. 3 visits per week for two weeks, each lasting 15-90 minutes. Study-related tests provided free of charge. Ages: 18-70