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Research study for healthy volunteers

IRB/UVa Tracking #: 15051

Principal Investigator: Connelly Jessica,

Contact: Jessica Connelly

Tel: 4349824403

Email: jc2dg@Virginia.EDU

Study Description

The University of Virginia Social Neuroscience Lab is seeking healthy volunteers ages18-30 with no history of brain injury or disease for a research study The purpose of this study is to understand the relationship of genetic and hormonal influences on brain function. Eligibility: • May not be pregnant • Because of the nature of MRI scans, certain participants may be ineligible (e.g., people with claustrophobia, those with metal implants, etc). Eligible participants will complete questionnaires, undergo an MRI scan of their brain, and have a small sample of blood drawn for genetic research. Study procedures will be completed in one 3-hour visit, and participants will be provided $50 compensation. For more information about participating, please contact IRB-HSC # 15051. Principal Investigator: Jessica Connelly, PhD.