Men and women 55 and older, currently on treatment, wanted for MS study

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Principal Investigator
Meena Kannan
Rachael Coleman
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Official Trial Title
Discontinuation of Disease Modifying Therapies (DMTs) in Multiple Sclerosis (MS)
Study Description

The University of Virginia Health System, Department of Neurology, is conducting a research study is to learn more about the safety of stopping Multiple Sclerosis (MS) medication in people over the age of 55 who have not had relapses or MRI changes for a prolonged period of time as compared to continuing on the medication

You may be eligible for this study if: You are age 55 or older with no evidence of disease activity by physical exam or MRI for at least 5 years, have been taking your current treatment continually for 2 years or more, and are willing to be randomized.

The study involves 5 visits over 2 years. Each visit will consist of your standard clinic visit, a physical assessment, MS testing to look at coordination, mobility, and cognitive function, as well as surveys to complete. You will have an MRI done at 4 different times during the study. One of these will be for research only while the others will be part of your standard treatment.

Study-related testing and supplies are provided free of charge. Participant’s insurance will be billed for all visits, MRI, and medication that are not study related.


$200 for completion of all visits