Newborn First Bath Study

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Ann Kellams
Katherine Boguszewski
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Skin Integrity After First Bath
Study Description

The Division of Pediatric Respiratory, Allergy and Immunology is seeking healthy, term (> 36 weeks gestation) babies to take part in a newborn bath study. The study is enrolling babies who have not had a first bath and are admitted into the well newborn nursery. Recent studies have shown that newborn skin health is associated with risk for developing eczema and allergies. The purpose of this study to learn how current and alternative newborn bathing practices influence skin health and allergy outcomes in children. Participation involves taking non-invasive measurements of newborn skin health before and after the first bath. Participants in the randomized part of this study will receive a skin care product, allergen-free diapers and wipes at no cost as part of research procedures.


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