Obese Adults Needed for Exercise and Medication Study

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Exercise dose and metformin for vascular health in adults with metabolic syndrome
Study Description

The Department of Kinesiology is conducting a study to evaluate whether combining different intensities of exercise while taking a medication commonly used to improve blood sugar levels, is more effective than exercise alone to improve blood flow in individuals at risk for type 2 diabetes. We are seeking males and females between the ages 40-70 years old not participating in an exercise program. Participants will be screened for risk factors; eligible participants will have at least 3. Participation in this study will occur over approximately 18 weeks. You will randomly be assigned to one of 4 groups; (1) a group who takes the medication and exercises at a high intensity, (2) a group who takes the medication and exercises at a low intensity, (3) a group who take a placebo pill and exercises at high intensity, and (4) a group who takes a placebo pill and exercises at low intensity. The exercise training will occur 3 times/wk at the University of Virginia Memorial Gymnasium with a personal trainer and 2 times/wk at home for 16 weeks. Assessments include clinical labs related to diabetes and heart disease risk, body fat, muscle mass, cardiovascular fitness and metabolism.
Study-related tests and procedures will be provided free of charge.


up to $1000