Patients with newly diagnosed glioblastoma cancer are needed for a study to research an experimental cellular therapy.

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Camilo Fadul
Jungeun Kim
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A Phase I Study Targeting Newly Diagnosed Glioblastoma with anti-CD3 x anti-EGFR Bispecific Antibody Armed T cells (EGFR BATs) in Combination with Radiation and Temozolomide
Study Description

The University of Virginia Cancer Center is conducting a clinical research study for patients who are adults ages 18 and over, and are newly diagnosed with glioblastoma cancer. The purpose of this study to evaluate an experimental drug (EGFR-BATs) in patients with newly diagnosed glioblastoma cancer. The experimental drug dose, safety, and the effects of the drug will be evaluated for this study.

Participation is approximately 5 months. This includes a screening period, surgery, leukapheresis procedure, approximately 6 weeks of chemotherapy plus radiation therapy, 7 weeks of study drug treatment and possibly longer, with a longer term follow up via clinic visits. Study specific tests that are being done beyond your standard of care will be provided at no cost to you or your insurance.

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This study does not offer compensation. Reimbursement: You may stay in hotel accommodations arranged by the study team if you live over 40 minutes away.