Research study for adults 30 - 80 years old with and without Type 2 diabetes

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Principal Investigator
Rita Basu
Supraja Gururaj
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Official Trial Title
Role of Hepatic Glycogen on Nocturnal EGP in T2D
Study Description

The Division of Endocrinology is seeking men and women, ages 30-80, with or without type 2 diabetes who are of normal weight or slightly overweight to study how the body processes blood sugar throughout the day after eating a low or high carb meal.

The study will involve:
• A screening visit at the Clinical Research Unit at Fontaine, that includes a blood draw for eligibility.
• Two in-patient visits over 3-6 weeks which include some blood draws and two MRI scans per visit.
• Meals will be provided during the study visits.


Up to $700