Research study for adults with relapsing-remitting Multiple Sclerosis (MS) having a relapse

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Myla D Goldman
Rachael Coleman
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Assessment of the Clinical Importance of Insulin Resistance & Steroid-Associated Hyperglycemia in Relapsing Multiple Sclerosis
Study Description

The University of Virginia, Department of Neurology is conducting a research study to see if blood glucose levels during steroid treatment for an acute MS relapse has an effect on relapse recovery.

You may be eligible for this study if: You have been diagnosed with relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis or clinically isolated syndrome and have had an acute MS relapse within the past 2 weeks. You are not diabetic. You have not received IV steroids in the past 90 days and you are able to walk continuously for 6 minutes.

The study involves 3 visits over 6 months. Each visit will consist of lab work, an oral glucose tolerance test, MS testing to look at coordination, mobility, and cognitive function, as well as surveys to complete. You will also complete a 2 minute and 6 minute walk to look at your walking and stamina. Study also involves at home blood sugar monitoring 6 times daily for 10 days after your first visit. You will also be sent home with a pedometer to wear for 7 days after each visit. These will be mailed back to the study team.

Study-related labs, testing, and supplies are provided free of charge. At home blood sugar monitoring equipment provided free of charge. Participant’s insurance company will be billed for IV steroids given as part of standard treatment.

Ages: 18-59


$400 for completion of all visits