Research Study for individuals with Type 1 Diabetes

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Principal Investigator
Anderson Stacey, M
Jessica Robic
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Official Trial Title
Efficacy of inControl Advice: A Decision Support System (DSS) for Diabetes
Study Description

The Center for Diabetes Technology is conducting a research study to assess the effectiveness of an app on smart phone (Decision Support System, or DSS) in helping Type 1 Diabetics make treatment decisions.

You may be eligible for this study if you are above the age of 15, have had Type 1 Diabetes for at least one year, and are currently using insulin pens or insulin syringes to treat your diabetes.

The study involves use of a continuous glucose monitoring device (CGM); study insulin pens and study insulin; and Decision Support System (DSS) device. Study participants will be randomized to use either the CGM alone or in with the DSS for 12 weeks at home. Total participation lasts 14 weeks and also involves three study visits, each lasting approximately 2 hours.

Study-related devices and associated supplies provided free of charge.

Ages: 15 and older