Study for Patients with Lung Cancer Taking Certain Oral Therapies

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Ryan Gentzler
Jemima Tennant
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Real Time Monitoring and Modeling of Symptoms and Adverse Events in Lung Cancer Patients Receiving Oral Targeted Therapies for Tumors with EGFR Mutations or ALK Rearrangements
Study Description

The UVA Cancer Center is doing a clinical research study in patients who have lung cancer where their tumor has a certain kind of mutation called an EGFR or ALK mutation. Patients with these types of cancer may be receiving a type of oral drug called a tyrosine kinase inhibitor, or TKI, and the researchers want to learn more about some of the side effects that they may experience. To do this, they’ve developed a system for researchers to check in and patients to report side effects and related issues on their smartphones. The purpose of the study is to see whether this reporting system can easily be used to collect these data and to better understand side effects from oral TKIs.

Participants in this study are asked to install an application on their smartphone and respond to the surveys when the application requests it. These surveys relate to side effects from study treatment and your overall quality of life. Additionally, participants are asked to wear a Fitbit to help the researchers to collect information about activity level and heart rate. The study does not require any extra clinic visits, but information from participants’ medical records may be used for research and they will be asked to complete paper surveys at some of their clinic visits. The study would last about 24 weeks for each participant.

The smartphone application and FitBit will be provided at no cost to participants.

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$37.50 per month pf participation by gift certificate (up to $225)