Women and Men with Lung Cancer wanted for study

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Linda W Martin
Jennifer Phillips
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A Randomized Phase III Study of Sublobar Resection (SR) versus Stereotactic Ablative Radiotherapy (SAbR) in High Risk Patients with Stage I Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer (NSCLC)
Study Description

UVA Health System, Department of Surgery Division of Thoracic Surgery seeks people over age 18 that have had a recent CT scan revealing a lung mass that is diagnosed as non-small cell lung cancer and who are at high risk for surgery.

The purpose of this study is to compare the results of two approved treatments for lung cancer to determine which is more effective and/or safer in treating lung cancer. The two treatments being compared are sublobar resection (removal of a small portion of a lung in surgery) and stereotactic ablative radiotherapy (SAbR), radiation given by a specialized x-ray machine that targets the lung cancer. This study is being done because SAbR may have fewer side effects than surgery (current standard-of-care), but we do not know if SAbR is as effective at preventing cancer from returning.

Participants will be randomly assigned to either the sublobar resection group (surgery) or the SAbR group (radiation). The study will involve both 1 in-patient stay at the time of the surgery and 16 out-patient clinic visits over the course of 5 years, OR 3 out-patient visits at the time of radiation treatments (occurring about 2-8 days apart) which will be completed within 16 days and 16 out-patient clinic visits over the course of 5 years. The number of visits will depend on which treatment is randomly assigned. The visits may include: breathing tests (called pulmonary function tests), chest x-rays, chest CT scans, PET scans, physical exams, and questionnaires. Each out-patient visit will last about one hour.

You and/or your insurance will be billed for study procedures.
There is no compensation for participation in this study.
Study participants will have the option to accept the assigned treatment or choose the other treatment and still participate in the study.

Contact Information:
For more information please contact the Surgical Therapeutic Advancement Center at:
Phone: 434.243.0315
Email: uvastac@virginia.edu.