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Andre Uflacker, MD
Andre Uflacker, MD Title: Assistant Professor Department: Radiology and Medical Imaging Division: Interventional Radiology, Angiography and Special Primary Location: Radiology and Medical Imaging Phone: 434.924.9401 Practice Area: Radiology & Medical Imaging
Gilbert Upchurch Jr., MD Title: Professor Department: Surgery Division: Vascular and Endovascular Surgery Primary Location: Heart and Vascular Center Phone: 434.243.6333 Practice Area: Heart and Vascular
Dushant Uppal, MD
Dushant Uppal, MD Title: Instructor of Medicine Department: Medicine Division: Gastroenterology and Hepatology Primary Location: Digestive Health Center Phone: 434.243.3090 Practice Area: Digestive Health
Lori Urban, PsyD
Lori Urban, PsyD Title: Assistant Professor Department: Anesthesiology Division: Pain Management
Brian Uthlaut, MD
Brian Uthlaut, MD Title: Associate Professor of Clinical Medicine Department: Medicine Division: General Internal Medicine Appointment Primary Location: University Medical Associates Phone: 434.924.1931 Practice Area: Internal Medicine