Brain Metastases

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Brain Metastases Care at UVA Health

For expert, compassionate brain metastases care, you can count on UVA Health. As a National Cancer Institute Comprehensive Cancer Center, we're a leader in cancer research, diagnosis, treatment, and prevention. We're the only such center in Virginia — and one of just 52 in the country.

UVA Health is prepared for the moment you need us most. Our team includes cancer doctors and brain cancer specialists as well as neurosurgeons, radiation oncologists, and neuropsychologists. Our social workers and palliative care providers offer support to you and your family during treatment. Everyone works hand in hand to deliver highly personalized care with the goal of maintaining your quality of life.

We're skilled in the latest tools and technologies for detecting and treating brain metastases. Surgical removal of brain metastases may help relieve symptoms. We also offer advanced nonsurgical options like Gamma Knife radiosurgery and whole brain radiation therapy.

Being diagnosed with brain metastases can be overwhelming. But rest assured that UVA Health is here for you in this moment.

Brain Cancer Treatment at UVA Health

  • We have everything we need to diagnose and treat brain cancers.
  • Our staff includes specialists in every major form of brain cancer.
  • We have a clinical pharmacist dedicated to neuro oncology. This professional prescribes and explains medications and will follow up with you about any side effects.
  • We offer access to clinical trials, including early-phase trials, available nowhere else in the region.