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Financial Assistance

No Insurance? Not Enough Coverage?

We can help you find financial aid to cover your medical expenses. Our financial aid services are free. Read our policy (PDF).

Places to Find Financial Help

UVA Financial Aid

If you lack financial resources or have exhausted your health insurance benefits, you may be eligible for assistance from UVA. Find out if you qualify:

Apply for Aid

Print an application in English (PDF) or Spanish (PDF). Or to request an application, call us at 434.924.8718 or 866.320.9659. You can also  for additional information.

Our Discount Program

Not eligible for financial assistance? You may be eligible for our 20 percent discount program for uninsured patients. This program applies to most services provided through our facility.

You cannot receive this discount if:

  • You have health insurance or workers’ compensation
  • You're negotiating a personal injury settlement with a third party that pertains to the reason you were seen
  • You qualify for any other financial assistance program


For complete information on applying for Medicaid, visit the Virginia Department of Social Services website or contact your local department of social services:

Family Access to Medical Insurance Security Plan (FAMIS)

FAMIS provides health insurance to children up to age 19 who are uninsured and who are not eligible for Medicaid or FAMIS Plus (Medicaid for Children). FAMIS is funded by the state and federal government.

Find out more about FAMIS.

Questions About Financial Aid?

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