Planning a Funeral or Service

Choose a Funeral Home

You will need to choose a funeral home or cremation service. 

Find a funeral home:

Questions or concerns? Decedent Affairs staff can provide information. Call 434.924.5018


Once you have chosen a funeral home or cremation service, please notify:

  • The nursing staff
  • Decedent Affairs
  • The funeral home or cremation service you have chosen, to
    • Give the funeral director authorization to provide services
    • Ask them to contact Decedent Affairs to arrange for the release of the deceased

How to Prepare for a Funeral or Remembrance Service

Some things to remember:

  • Choose Funeral and Burial Options. Ask for descriptions and costs of the kind of service that will honor your loved one. 
  • Write an Obituary. Gather information for the obituary: Full name and nicknames, date of birth, occupation, father's and mother's names, list of relatives and relationships and any military service. Include a list of church, professional organizations, clubs or other memberships held.
  • Decide About Donations. Bring the names of organizations or charities you wish to have donations made in memory of your loved one.
  • Dressing the Deceased. Select and bring the clothing in which your loved one will be buried.
  • Plan a Reception. Make arrangements for food or a reception after the burial service. Perhaps a friend can oversee this task.
  • Choose Pallbearers and Speakers. Be thinking of individuals who might be available as pallbearers and/or persons who may speak about your loved one at the service.