NICO BrainPath

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NICO BrainPath & the Six Pillar Approach

UVA uses the innovative NICO BrainPath technology as part of the six-pillar approach to brain surgery.

Before surgery, our neurosurgeons will study the wiring of a patient’s brain and plan the safest route to access the growth. Using high-definition optics and a navigation system similar to a GPS, the surgeon will guide the NICO BrainPath through the brain. Once the device reaches its destination, the abnormality can be safely removed. This approach can minimize the risk of damage to areas of the brain that control speech, memory, vision and other functions. It also reduces recovery time and length of hospital stay.

The Six-Pillar Approach to Neurosurgery

This safe, effective surgical method to remove tumors, blood clots and other growths located deep within the brain uses six components:

  1. Brain mapping – advanced imaging to map the surgery before the procedure
  2. GPS navigation for real-time guidance through the deep subcortical regions of the brain
  3. Access – specially designed tools reduce brain tissue damage while the neurosurgeon navigates the delicate folds of the brain
  4. High-definition optics – these capabilities allow for visualizing the procedure with unprecedented clarity
  5. Removal – a specialized tool allows for precise and controlled tissue removal without injury to critical parts of the brain
  6. Tissue collection – for regenerative medicine options

The approach allows our experienced surgeons to offer brain surgery for more patients suffering from painful, debilitating — and sometimes life-threatening — disorders.

If you have a brain tumor or other abnormality, find out more about this promising technology.