Community-Based Research

The Community-Based Research support services are located within the Cancer Center’s strong community engagement program. For more than 20 years, the Cancer Center has provided the community with cancer education and service programs that have benefitted residents of central Virginia as well as residents of the Shenandoah Valley and Southwest and Southside Virginia. 

We believe that a critical prerequisite to community cancer research is establishing a relationship of service and trust between the Cancer Center and the communities we serve. The Cancer Control Core will support investigators at any stage of a study; however, investigators are encouraged to contact the Core while in the planning stages of a study so that Core expertise and resources can impact the study design, protocol development and method selection.

Community-Based Research Resources

Connecting with the Community

The Core staff has strong relationships with a wide range of community leaders, organizations and coalitions. Staff can introduce investigators to individuals in a position to benefit research projects.   In addition to providing feedback on your project, the community contacts may be able to help recruit participants. 

Community Health Workers

Community Health Workers represent an important potential resource for investigators interested in community-based research. The Community Health Workers can assist with reaching community populations with information or training, support study activities and recruit participants.

Review of Project Design

Knowledge of the community can be vital to the design of a successful research project. Investigators can benefit from a free review of their project design by Core staff. Staff can also assist in identification of community leaders or in formation of focus groups that can provide feedback to the investigator. 

Please contact the outreach team if you need  more information about how they can best support your research.

Community Engagement Programs and Initiatives

Our Community Engagement team is committed to building strategic collaborations within our diverse communities, faith based organizations, and medical community.  Through these collaborations, our team provides assistance to community-based organization in the creation and implementation of innovative cancer programs.  These programs and collaborations aim to raise awareness and improve outcomes within our underserved population.  The Community Engagement team is currently engaged in a strategic planning process to evaluate our current initiatives and define our two year plan. 

  • Cancer Center Without Walls Advisory Board
  • Thriving and Surviving
  • Understanding Cancer
  • Youth Tobacco Education
  • Cville Walks

Research Support through Telehealth Services*

The Cancer Control Core can support research programs that extend clinical services to rural and other underserved and remote regions of Virginia. In partnership with the UVA Center for Telehealth, Core staff can support your research in a number of ways, including:

  • Program support including scheduling, registration and technical support for prevention initiatives (e.g. video-colposcopy)
  • Idea integration for grant/program development, e.g. m-health initiatives
  • Track data on connections including number of encounters, mileage saved, quality of connection and attendance
  • Relationship development with partner sites throughout Virginia and the United States
  • Research collaboration on the integration of technology into cancer control, education, etc.
  • Patient home monitoring: An ever-growing number of technologies are being developed that can help monitor patients while they remain in their home
  • Second opinion services: conduct research on extending access to care to underserved populations
  • Eligibility screening: use telehealth infrastructure to screen patients and subjects for eligibility and interest in participating in studies
  • Teleconferencing: the Core can support teleconferencing meetings with investigators at institutions across the United States
  • Support Groups, focus groups and education interventions can be supported with telehealth

* Services may have an associated fee. 

Contact Information

Linda Bullock, PhD
Associate Dean for Research, Professor of Nursing

Community Engagement Manager

Research Programs Coordinator