CCPH Program Members

Anderson, Roger, PhD
UVA Cancer Center, Associate Director for Population Sciences
Public Health Sciences
Work: Health services research focused on cancer health disparities in low income and rural populations, particularly in rural Appalachia 

Balkrishnan, Rajesh, PhD
Cancer Control Core, Director
Public Health Sciences
Work: Health services and health informatics research and epidemiological methodology, particularly for underserved populations nationally and internationally 

Barnes, Laura, PhD
Systems and Information Engineering
Work: Health information technology, with a focus on creating new tools that aid in patient disease management and education, as well as healthcare delivery

Blackhall, Leslie, MD
Geriatrics and Palliative Care
Work: Research focusses on end-of-life care for cancer patients, including topics in bioethics and symptom management

Brenin, Christiana, MD
Specializes in the treatment of breast cancer and colorectal cancer, focusing on quality of life throughout treatment, specifically in regards to bone health and vasomotor symptoms

Casey, Graham, PhD.
Public Health Sciences 
Work: Focus on the biologic mechanisms of inherited genetic risk of colorectal cancer and glioma through population-based, genetic, genomic, and cell biology approaches.

Cohn, Wendy, PhD
Public Health Sciences
Work: Evaluation research with expertise in social science and public health research methods, with emphasis on cancer risk assessment, control, and survivorship 

Converse, Benjamin, PhD
Public Policy and Psychology
Work: Research revolving around individual thought processes and how they lead to decision and behavior making patterns

DeGuzman, Pamela, PhD
Family, Community, & Mental Health Systems – School of Nursing
Work: Studies the effects of residential geography on cancer health of vulnerable populations, including disparities in cancer detection and mortality and quality of life in survivorship

Dillingham, Rebecca MD/MPH 
Director, Center for Global Health 

Duska, Linda, MD
Obstetrics and Gynecology
Work: Endometrial cancer and clinical trials in gynecologic oncology, with a focus on translational endpoints and fertility preservation in female cancer patients undergoing therapy

Guterbock, Thomas, PhD
UVA Center for Survey Research, Director
Work: Expertise in survey research and methodology in a wide range of issues in healthcare and health services, including breast cancer risk and cancer survivorship

Guertin, Kristin, PhD
Public Health Sciences
Work: Nutritional epidemiology, smoking, application of biomarkers to epidemiologic studies, metabolomics, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, cancer, and obesity

Hanley, Michael, MD
Radiology and Medical Imaging
Work: Clinical interests that include lung cancer screenings, thoracic procedures, and cardiovascular disease

Harrison, James, MD, PhD
Public Health Sciences
Work: Focus on laboratory medicine and clinical information systems, including work in electronic health records and clinical data analysis

Hollen, Patricia, PhD
School of Nursing
Work: Specialty in decision-making for patients, health-related quality of life measures, decision aids, and quality of life research for adults with lung cancer or malignant pleural mesothelioma

Klesges, Bob, PhD
Public Health Sciences
Work: Focuses on health promotion and disease prevention, particularly in military settings. His research interests include tobacco control, preventing binge and excessive drinking, obesity treatment, and prevention and treatment of opiates.

Keim-Malpass, Jessica, PhD
Acute and Specialty Care – School of Nursing
Work: Focus on hematology-oncology and other life-limiting and life-threatening conditions for pediatric, adolescent, and young adult health

Krupski, Tracey, MD
Work: Novel therapies for early stage bladder cancer, health-related quality of life outcomes for prostate cancer, and randomized trials of robotic vs. open cystectomy for invasive bladder cancer

Kulbok, Pamela, PhD
Family, Community & Mental Health Systems – School of Nursing
Work: Protective factors in tobacco-free adolescents in Virginia based on rurality, with particular interest in community participatory health promotion and adolescent health promotion and risk reduction.

LeBaron, Virginia, PhD
Acute and Specialty Care – School of Nursing
Work: Palliative care for patients with advanced cancer, with a focus on reducing disparities in access to pain relief and support for oncology nurses in resource-constrained settings

Little, Melissa, PhD 
Public Health Sciences 
Work: Designing, evaluating and disseminating evidence-based health promotion and disease prevention programs, with a particular focus on military populations

Lobo, Jennifer, PhD
Public Health Sciences
Work: Uses mathematical modeling to simulate diseases for comparison of different screening and treatment and to optimize screening and treatment decisions for patients with chronic diseases

Mitchell, Emma McKim, PhD, MSN, RN
Family, Community & Mental Health Systems – School of Nursing
Work: Focus on the feasibility and acceptability of at-home, self-screening HPV tests as a route to increasing detection of cervical cancer in underserved, rural areas

Oliver, Norman, MD
Family Medicine
Work: Investigates social determinants of health, particularly their effect on racial and ethnic health inequities, and evaluates the role of factors such as poverty and education on cancer health disparities

Porter, Kathleen, PhD 
Public Health Sciences 
Work: Dissemination and implementation of evidence-based programs and behavior change techniques into community-based settings 

Read, Paul, MD
Radiation Oncology
Work: Developing less toxic treatments for breast and head and neck cancer, integrating MRI into treatment planning, stereotactic body radiation therapy, and adaptive radiation therapy

Rich, Stephen, PhD
Public Health Sciences
Work: Research focus on the genetic basis type 1 diabetes and its complications, as well as cardio-metabolic phenotypes

Ricks-Santi, Luisel, PhD
Hampton University Cancer Research Center, Director
Work: Broad focus on laboratory, clinical, and community-based cancer research focused on prevention, diagnosis, and therapies

Ritterband, Lee, PhD
Psychiatry and Neurobehavioral Sciences
Work: Developing and utilizing cutting-edge technologies and internet interventions to deliver treatments and provide assessments for behavioral health issues for a variety of conditions including insomnia, diabetes, and cancer

Ropka, Mary, PhD
Family, Community & Mental Health Systems – School of Nursing
Work: Risk assessment, risk communication, risk management, and patient decision making and decision support

Scheiman, Jim, MD
Gastroenterology and Hepatology
Work: Clinical and economic analyses of health care strategies with a focus on Gastrointestinal cancer prevention, diagnosis and management.

Schroen, Anneke, MD
Surgical Oncology
Work: Clinical trial accrual, access to care issues, surgical outcomes, and the use of new technologies, with specific interest in obesity-related malignancies

Shaffer, Kelly, PhD 
Psychiatry and Neurobehavioral Sciences 
Work: Quantifying the interdependence in cancer patient and caregiver mental and physical health, and developing and disseminating accessible interventions to improve cancer patients’ and caregivers’ well-being 

Showalter, Shayna, MD
Surgical Oncology
Work: Comparative effectiveness research, patient-centered research, clinical trials, and high-risk prostate cancer research

Taylor, Peyton, MD
Obstetrics and Gynecology
Work: Continues work in East Africa providing consultation in surgical training programs and investigations related to the early detection of cervical cancer

Valdez, Rupa, PhD
Public Health Sciences
Work: Characterizes patients’ home and community environments to design and evaluate clinical and consumer HIT interventions, with a focus on underserved populations

Wells, Kristen, PhD
Family, Community & Mental Health Systems – School of Nursing
Work: Uses Geographic Information Systems (GIS) for estimating historic and current environmental exposures, spatial modeling of disease, and multivariate modeling techniques

Weltman, Arthur, PhD
Work: Research focus on exercise and physical activity in prevention and treatment

Yan, Zhen, PhD
Cardiovascular Medicine
Work: Focus on the molecular and signaling mechanisms underlying physiological adaptations induced by endurance and resistance exercise and maladaptations under disease conditions, such as heart failure, diabetes and cachexia

Yao, Nengliang “Aaron,” PhD
Public Health Sciences
Work: Health policy and administration issues around homebound cancer patients and cancer prevention and control in the global context, as well as research on rural cancer care and e-health of cancer care

Zoellner, Jamie, PhD 
Public Health Sciences
Work: Community-based participatory research in underserved areas, developing solutions to the causes and consequences of limited health literacy, and a focus on lifestyle risk factors (e.g. diet and physical activity) relevant to obesity and cancer prevention.