Cancer Control Service Request Form

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Please direct questions to Dr. Rajesh Balakrishnan:

By receiving support or services from the Cancer Control Core, you agree to acknowledge the Cancer Control Core in all publications or presentations.

Is this project funded?
Has this project received IRB approval?
Services Requested
Indicate which services you are in need of:
Data Services (Provided by Dr. Aaron Yao and Fabian Camacho)
Study Design and Measure Development (Provided by Dr. Rajesh Balkrishnan and Dr. Roger Anderson)
Community-Based Research Support (Provided by Lindsay Hauser)
Teletherapy (Provided by George Batten)
I understand that if I use Virginia Department of Public Health (VDH) data as part of core services, I must submit my work to VDH, for approval, prior to publicly disseminating findings.