ORIEN: Accessing Resources and Fee Schedule


How to Access Resources

  • Submit a project request form
  • Request access to the ORIEN informatics module and the ORIEN CBioPortal by emailing ORIEN
  • Determine the type of IRB approval needed for your project via UVA HSR IRB
    • When completing the IRB determination of human subjects form, please use the following templated language as part of the project description: BACKGROUND: Under IRB-HSR 18445: UVA allows M2Gen, coordinating center for ORIEN, to provide researchers access to the coded linked whole exome sequencing and RNA sequencing files and the associated coded linked clinical data via a statement of work under the ORIEN Master Tissue and Data Use Agreement. The data and specimens for 18445 are linked and coded. The key to the code is maintained by the ORIEN study team. Study teams receiving data from this repository cannot re-identify the data (or specimens) they receive to perform their research because policies are in place to protect the privacy of subjects enrolled in 18445 and disallow the sharing of keys to the code. There is no collaboration between the researchers and the supplier of the samples/data.
  • Set up an account in Rivanna by contacting UVA Research Computing
  • Request assistance with analysis of molecular data from the Bioinfomatics Core 

Fee Schedule

  • $33/hr for projects relying on ORIEN consent
    • Specimens are secondary use within existing limits
    • Surveys may be included dependent on specific requirements
    • Specimen coordination for fresh sample/specific time point
  • $66/hr for projects which require own consent
  • Additional charges
    • BTRF
    • Research and Clinical Trial Analytics Team
    • Research Computing
    • Bioinformatics Core