Oncology Research Information Exchange Network (ORIEN)


The Oncology Research Information Exchange Network (ORIEN) program brings together North America’s top cancer centers in a unique research partnership. This partnership aims to improve the standard of cancer care by helping to study and develop new:

  • Cancer research
  • Clinical trials
  • Technology
  • Informatics solutions
  • Personalized medicine

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Total Cancer Care: Data & Tissue Repository

At UVA, ORIEN's Total Cancer Care (TCC) protocol is called Partners in Discovery for Total Cancer Care and referred to as the ORIEN protocol. TCC collects blood and tissue samples, including associated demographic and clinical data (survey data, medical records data, cancer registry data, and other related data), from thousands of patients with cancer or at risk of having cancer.

Additionally, the ORIEN AVATAR program collects paired tumor and non-tumor tissue for whole exome sequencing and RNA sequencing.

We'll work with you and the IRB to set up your study. Find out how to get patients involved in this research.

Requesting Services

To request clinical research services, fill out the Project Request Form.

Acknowledging ORIEN

To help demonstrate the importance of the ORIEN team and Cancer Center resources, we ask that you:

  • Cite any grants received using ORIEN resources or data.
  • Email us with information about grants received using ORIEN resources.
  • Acknowledge the support of the ORIEN team in all oral and written presentations, disclosures or publications, and email us about it. Use the following language:
    • We acknowledge the contributions of the UVA Cancer Center Support Grant P30CA044579 and the UVA Oncology Research Information Exchange Network (ORIEN) Team and UVA Biorepository and Tissue Research Facility (BTRF) with Partners in Discovery for Total Cancer Care at UVA protocol IRB HSR 18445 for the consenting, specimen procurement and processing, clinical data abstraction and access to the molecular and clinical data.

ORIEN Team and Partnerships

The ORIEN Team at the UVA Cancer Center has developed partnerships with many groups for an efficient workflow, including:

  • ORIEN core team
  • Clinical labs
  • Clinical teams
  • BTRF
  • Surgical pathology
  • Research and clinical trial analytics