PHCOC Data Services

The Population Health and Cancer Outcomes Core (PHCOC) provides a wide range of data services including:

  • Data analysis and maintenance of public health related survey data (BRFSS, HINTS, NHIS, NHANES, NAMCS/NHAMCS, SEER, ACS). Available analysis software includes SAS, STATA, R and ArcGIS
  • Assistance with access to cancer registries (SEER/ VDH), and specific use large claims databases (CMS/SEER MEDICARE, PHARMETRICS) for research purposes. The PHCOC can help you plan your study and apply for access to VDH Cancer Registry data and for UVA IRB approval. Data use is subject to permission, which depends on variables of interest and research objectives. Mapping services include incidence and mortality mapping based upon your research needs. In addition, the Core has the capacity for internally based geocoding and route finding.
  • Assistance with linking health records across data systems
  • Assistance in quantifying the economics of cancer prevention and treatment
  • Assistance in the identification and recommendation of instruments, such as quality of life, for collection of participant data.

Our data services team has recently analyzed data from the Virginia state cancer registry to examine quality care and mortality among women with locally advanced cervical cancer. These analyses have been featured in a recent publication (Determinants of Quality Care and Mortality for Patients With Locally Advanced Cervical Cancer in Virginia).

Contact Information

Wen You, PhD

Roger Anderson, PhD

Gloribel Bonilla, MPH
Research Programs Coordinator