Cancer Center Conference Rooms

Reserve a Conference Room

There are two Cancer Center conference rooms available on the West Complex 6th floor - Room 6191 and Room 6205

Room 6191 - Big Conference Room


27 chairs (8 on wheels, 19 standard)
Table will seat up to 14 people with standard chairs, and up to 10 with bigger chairs - there is additional seating along the walls

Available Equipment

  • PC Compatible computer with MS Windows XP Software
  • Very large flat Screen TV
  • ELMO overhead and base projector
  • Microscope with projection
  • White board
  • Two X-Ray Viewers
  • Videoconferencing equipment (please request access when reserving the room)
  • Polycom speaker phone available upon request - call-in number is 434.982.0790
  • Wireless connection with access to the Secure Clinical Network

Room 6205 - Small Conference Room


17 chairs
Table will seat up to 14 people

Available Equipment

  • White board
  • Polycom speaker phone available upon request - call-in number is 434.982.0791

Conference Room Policy

If you wish to reserve one of the Cancer Center conference rooms on the 6th floor of the West Complex, (either 6191 or 6205), please observe the following policies:

  • Reservations can only be made for exact dates and times. We cannot hold numerous days and times for tentative schedules.
  • Non-Cancer Center parties can make recurring reservations for up to six months. If you know that your meeting will still be ongoing, you may renew your reservation at the end of the six months.
  • If your meeting is canceled, please contact the Cancer Center administrative office as soon as possible and let them know the room is available in case someone else wants to use it. If you have a recurring reservation and your meeting for that week will be canceled, please inform us so others may use the room for that day and time.
  • Please respect others and straighten the room when you are finished. Please make sure to pick up any items left such as coffee cups, trash, or food items, wipe the tables if needed, and straighten chairs.
  • The Polycom may be reserved for conference calls – Please contact the administrative offices to reserve the polycom. The Polycom must be returned after each use. Please do not leave the Polycom in the conference room. If the meeting is after hours, please keep the Polycom and return it the next day.
  • The Cancer Center Administrative office reserves the right to cancel the room reservation. In the event that the Cancer Center needs the use of one of our conference rooms, we may need to cancel your reservation. We will make a reasonable effort to help you locate another room for your meeting if one is available.